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The difference between Chongqing art paint and ordinary paint
- 2019-04-23-

Chongqing art paint is characterized by art. It is not a single concept. It is a collective name for a variety of paints. Nowadays, there are various kinds of paints. This is a pursuit of art by young people, so the paint is gradually getting used. Going to diversity and art.

Chongqing Art Paint is a high-end decorative paint. The decorative effect depends mainly on the pattern, color and luster of the film, and is full of three-dimensionality. It should be pointed out that the pattern of the surface of the art paint (such as wrinkles, hammers, etc.), the pattern, the metal flash and the pearl light are all determined by the formulation and film formation mechanism of the paint itself. There is also an art coating film, such as (fake) wood grain, (fake) marble grain, tiger skin grain and other art film (paint), not by the paint itself, but by the art of the operator. These paints cannot be considered artistic paints. The so-called art paint refers to the paint itself that can form high decorative art paint on the surface. The process mainly refers to the pattern of the paint (grain, crack, hammer, wrinkles) and special gloss and color (various fluorescent, metallic flash, pearlescent, etc.).

With its infinite three-dimensional texture and multi-selective personality, the art paints show a unique spatial perspective, rich and vivid, and refreshing. The era of traditional latex paints and paints is monotonous, monochromatic, and smooth. It has entered a new era of natural environmental protection, texture, bump, texture, and individual color painting. The paint has a strong expressive ability, can make a variety of rich patterns and three-dimensional shape, showing the texture, high and low inequality characteristics, can be flexibly customized according to different needs, the pattern can be freely selected design, the pattern is beautiful, and the decorative effect is good. The artistic paint is complex in color and three-dimensional in texture, which fills the defects of monochrome and plane of traditional latex paint. The decorative pattern has a uniform color and a strong gloss. It produces different refraction effects under light and exhibits different bright colors under the reflection of natural light. It can create a warm and harmonious emotional space.

In addition to the function of covering the wall with ordinary paint, Chongqing art paint is also different from ordinary decorative paint. Ordinary coatings are difficult to achieve in a variety of complex colors, textures and textures, and the changes are endless. No matter from the whole process of service, raw materials, construction technology, construction tools, etc., its complexity and technical requirements can not be compared with ordinary paint. It is a novel and fashionable wall decoration material, which brings new wall decoration effect to users. It will bring revolutionary changes to wall decoration. The paintings show a personalized and artistic decoration, which is in line with the development of modern decoration. Although the current proportion of domestic art paint consumption is relatively small, with the continuous integration of Chinese and Western cultures, the main consumer groups in the coatings industry will be post-80s and post-90s in the next decade. This kind of consumer group has a higher comprehensive cultural literacy, a more open mind, and is more willing to accept new things. Therefore, from the perspective of consumption, future art paints must or cannot. Greater development.