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Chongqing diatom mud constituents
- 2019-04-25-

Chongqing diatom mud is a kind of interior wall coating which is widely used at present. Compared with traditional coatings, it is more environmentally friendly and reduces the harm of formaldehyde. In addition, it can also adjust the humidity and air in the room to achieve fresh air. Features.

Chongqing diatom mud is also known as "breathable wall material". It not only has the ability to absorb and decompose formaldehyde, but also has the functions of breathing and humidity control, sound absorption and noise reduction, antibacterial deodorization, fire retardant and so on. Dust treatment of diatom mud is more troublesome than art paint because it absorbs and decomposes harmful substances such as dust in the air. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will change the color of the wall and it is not suitable for use in places with high humidity. The structure of the diatom mud itself is a nano-cellular structure, which has strong water absorption and can be directly wiped with water. Attached to the molecular structure, can not afford to clean. When people live in a room coated with diatom mud, the walls reflect the light naturally and gently. It is not easy to cause visual fatigue. It can effectively protect the vision of you and your family, especially for children. At the same time, the diatom mud wall has a long-lasting color and is not easy to fade. The wall surface is used as a new wall for a long time, which increases the service life of the wall surface, reduces the number of wall decoration and saves the room cost.

Diatom mud is mainly composed of diatomaceous earth and is a deep-sea inorganic mineral. After the death of the original planktonic diatom, after more than 10,000 years of sedimentary mineralization, its remains gradually evolved into a widely distributed diatomite ore community around the world. Electron microscopy showed many small holes in the surface of the diatomaceous earth. The porosity of diatomaceous earth is above 90%. Its unique molecular structure makes it have a strong adsorption capacity. Therefore, the content of diatomaceous earth also determines the adsorption capacity of the diatomaceous earth slurry. Due to the molecular structure of the diatom mud itself, there are many small holes in its surface. The diatom mud has a porosity of more than 95%. The volume of a single volume of diatomaceous earth is thousands of times larger than that of a single volume of activated carbon. These small holes hinder the spread of sound. Therefore, it has a strong noise reduction function. It effectively absorbs harmful high frequency bands and attenuates low frequency noise. The effect is equivalent to more than twice the thickness of cement mortar and slate, and can reduce the aftershock time by 50%, greatly reducing the harm of noise to the human body and creating a quiet sleeping environment for you.

Although Chongqing diatom mud is called "mud", it is actually a unique paint. It is a dry coating powder based on single-celled diatomaceous earth fossils millions of years ago, incorporating various additives. When used, you can reconcile various wall shapes by adding an appropriate amount of water. "Texture" is the main feature of diatom mud modeling, but people only value its superior environmental performance at first. Because its main raw material is natural diatomaceous earth and water is blended, the chemical pollutant content is low and has good. Environmental performance. It is worth mentioning that related research shows that diatomite has a unique "molecular sieve" structure and selective adsorption properties, which can effectively remove free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air as well as pets, smoking, garbage. The odorous substance has a considerable purification effect on indoor air. In addition, diatomaceous earth paint has the properties of adjusting humidity, flame retardant, sound absorption, noise reduction, etc. Therefore, for the family, it can be widely used in various applications. Interior space, including the dry area of the bathroom.