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Basic characteristics of Chongqing real stone paint
- 2019-04-04-

Chongqing Real Stone Paint is a decorative effect similar to marble and granite. Mainly made of natural stone powder of various colors, the building decorated with real stone paint has natural and true natural colors, giving an elegant, harmonious and solemn aesthetic, suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of various buildings. Especially in the decoration of the building surface, you can receive vivid and return to nature. Suitable for concrete or concrete interior and exterior walls, brick walls, asbestos cement board, gypsum board, gypsum board, polyurethane foam board and other basic materials. The surface layer of the construction base material should be smooth, clean and strong. The new wall should be dried for one month before construction. The old wall should be refurbished. First, the base layer is leveled to form impurities such as loose surface, peeling off, dust, grease and the like. In order to meet the increasingly individual development needs of the architectural decoration industry, such as the development of imitation marble and imitation granite coatings, the importance of spraying technology is more obvious. Only a more complete and more complete construction process can fully reflect the unique appearance and superior performance of real stone paint.

The improper design and raw materials selection of Chongqing Zhenshi paint will lead to defects such as blushing, poor yellowing resistance, obvious rain marks and serious pollution. In particular, the phenomenon of rain marks and whitening caused by poor water resistance is a common phenomenon in applications. Since the coating is thick, it is not easy to release water in a short time after water absorption, and the whitening phenomenon is severe in the early days of film formation. The composition of the raw materials and ingredients has a great influence on the water resistance. Unreasonable configuration of emulsion, color sand and thickening system will lead to water whiteness. Figure 1a uses the same emulsion of the different thickening system to make the substrate. The glass plate is smoothed with a 100-meter long rod and soaked in a 50 30 minute oven for 120 minutes. The results show that different thickening systems have different effects on the transparency and water resistance of the film. The styrene-acrylic emulsion (RS-992) and the 5 emulsion match the transparency of the RM-8W paint film. There is no obvious whitening after water immersion and the water resistance is good. 4 The emulsion and TT-615 film have good water resistance, but the transparency is slightly poor. ; 2 selected cellulose 250HBR thickening, the film transparency is good, but the water resistance is low. To make matters worse, 3 bentonite has a great influence on the transparency and water resistance of the film, and the whitening phenomenon is serious. It can be seen that the same emulsion, different thickening system, has different effects on the transparency, wateriness and whiteness of the coating film. In the formulation design, the thickening system should be reasonably selected according to the requirements of storage, construction and water resistance to achieve better comprehensive performance.

Chongqing Zhenshi paint has the characteristics of fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant and pollution resistant. Non-toxic, odorless, strong adhesion, no fading, etc., can effectively prevent the harsh environment outside the building and prolong the service life of the building, because the real stone paint has good adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance; therefore, it is especially suitable In cold areas. Real stone paint has the advantages of simple construction, convenient drying, time saving and convenient construction. From the texture point of view, the stone texture of real stone paint is significantly higher than the stone texture in water. One is that real stone paint is made from natural colored sand. The thickness of the coating is generally around 3mm. The hardness and thickness of the real stone paint are very close to those of the stone. Under normal circumstances, the company's construction of "water-in-water (liquid granite)" uses color paste. The coating thickness is only about 0.3 mm. The hardness and texture of imitation stone is not as good as real stone paint. Accordingly, the coating rate of the real stone paint is lower than that of the water-based paint, and it seems to be higher in terms of cost performance. However, due to the characteristics of the product, it is not convenient to make too many comparisons. It is an excellent exterior paint in every respect. There will be more varieties of real stone paint in the future, and the effect of stone will be better and better. The water in the water will continue to improve and improve the entire system, and the product quality will be more stable.