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About the characteristics of Chongqing texture wall film
- 2019-05-14-

Chongqing texture wall film can also be called art wall film. It is highly artistic. It belongs to interior wall paint and has the characteristics of environmental protection, wear resistance and anti-fouling. It can not only decorate the wall well in home decoration. It has also reduced the daily care work, and it has become a leader in art paints.

Chongqing Textured Wall Film is a water-based paint that combines the advantages of wallpaper and latex paint. It is an environmentally friendly coating that modern people are eager to pursue. The texture of the wall is like skin, delicate and textured. It creates a variety of decorative effects on the wall through special molds, special raw materials and unique construction techniques, which is very popular among young decorators today. Love. When decorating the home environment, the texture wall mask can be coordinated according to the style and personality of the furniture to achieve personalized decoration; diatom mud is an alkaline material and cannot be used with various paints. Due to this limitation, the diatom mud is in the decoration. Can not meet the standards expected by consumers.

As a water-based material, Chongqing Textured Wall Film does not release harmful substances during the decoration process and does not produce a pungent odor. The trailing fabric wall membrane is more environmentally friendly than low-impact products such as latex paint. step. The muscle wall is water resistant. Brush the muscle wall on the base, soak it in water for more than 30 days, no discoloration, no mold. It does not fall, so it is called a "washable wall." In addition, the textured wall film also has excellent elasticity, wear resistance and decorative effect, based on tradition, breaking through the tradition and giving the home a more comfortable experience.

After drying, the thickness of the Chongqing texture wall film exceeds 0.2 mm. The muscle wall has a strong abrasion resistance and can withstand 20,000 scrubs. Children usually like to draw on the wall with a watercolor pen or pencil, but because the texture of the texture wall is more refined, organic materials, pencils are not easy to draw. This reduces the possibility of children drawing on the wall. Not only that, the unique oily material allows the wall coating to be gently wiped off with water without compromising the integrity of the pattern. The thickness of the 0.2mm paint is sufficient to prevent the wall from being scratched. The top coat of the film-forming material has the characteristics of good hardness, good compactness and high content. It can be washed with water at will, the surface dirt is easy to clean, easy to clean, and the wall surface can be kept perfectly clean and durable. In addition, the art wall is durable and does not fade. Since the construction process of the artistic texture wall coating is finer than that of the ordinary wall coating, the fineness of the construction process makes the service life longer than that of the ordinary wall coating. The high density of artistic texture wall coatings makes them particularly waterproof, and the service life of quality products can reach 15-20 years.