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Factors affecting the life of Chongqing real stone paint
- 2019-05-07-

Chongqing real stone paint is a common exterior wall paint. It can not only create a strong artistic sense, but also can be used for waterproofing. The traditional exterior wall paint is easy to fall off after being exposed to water. The situation, and the real stone paint solved the problem of shedding well, which made the builders use it.

Chongqing Real Stone Paint is a decorative effect similar to marble and granite. Mainly made of natural stone powder of various colors, the building decorated with real stone paint has natural and true natural color, giving an elegant, harmonious and solemn aesthetic, suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of various buildings. Especially in the decoration of the building surface, you can receive vivid and return to nature. From the functional point of view, the thickness of the real stone paint on the outer wall is certain. On the one hand, it guarantees the fullness, texture and realistic stone effect of the real stone paint coating. Because the appearance of the stone itself is very full, especially the burning surface of lychee and stone, the real stone effect of the exterior wall stone paint must reach its solid texture. On the other hand, in order to avoid the problem of chromatic aberration during the construction of real stone paint, the real stone paint must be sprayed with uniform colored sand. The colored sand is evenly distributed on the wall under the pressure of the gun, and must have a certain amount of use. If the quantity is not enough, it will bloom and it will not be effective.

The intermediate layer of real stone paint consists of aggregates, binders (base metals), various additives and solvents. Aggregates include colored aggregates and common aggregates. The color aggregate is processed by the process of crushing, cleaning and screening natural stone. Has good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance and no fading. It is a non-artificial sintered colored sand. Ordinary aggregates have good whiteness and high silicon content. Due to its dark color, quartz sand is harder when used alone. It can be adjusted with a certain amount of white quartz sand and natural color stone powder to make the color of the coating layery, and the texture similar to natural stone can be obtained. Production costs. The workability of real stone paints and coating surfaces is affected by aggregate particle grading. The current situation has a great impact. If the aggregate particles are too thick, it is easy to precipitate in the coating. The sand will increase when spraying, the coating amount will increase, the coating coverage will be reduced, the coating appearance will be rough, the dust will be easily accumulated and contaminated; if the aggregate particles are too thick and too fine The decoration effect is not good. Therefore, the use of coarse and fine particles does not easily affect the decorative effect of the paint, and it is also possible. Make the coating dense.

The service life of Chongqing Zhenshi paint is closely related to the resin used. In general, the service life of inferior styrene-acrylic paint is about 3-5 years. Inferior styrene-acrylic paint will fade, yellow, black, crack and so on within a few months. The service life of pure propylene system is more than 10 years, and the service life of silicon propylene system is more than 15 years. The reason why real stone paint is popular in the market is mainly due to the emergence of pure acrylic acid and silicone-acrylic systems. "The service life can be as long as 70 years, the promotion is obviously exaggerated, and it is irresponsible to mislead customers. Simply put, there will be no obvious pollution, cracking, yellowing, fading, etc. during the service life, and it does not involve real stone paint. Peeling off. The predecessor of real stone paint is “sandblasting.” In terms of adhesion, the sandblasted coating can be kept off for 7-8 years. Now through the continuous upgrading of raw materials and processes, pure acrylic and silicon-acrylic high-end real stone paints are on the market. As long as the standard process is applied, adhesion will not be a problem.