• Mildew resistant

    Mildew resistant [Anti-mold and antibacterial] Product introduction: using active oxygen anti-mildew antibacterial technology, adding imported high-quContact Now

  • 皓亮超易洗

    皓亮超易洗 【皓亮超易洗】 Product introduction: This product adopts the recently developed “Bright Technology”, which can effectively improve the brighContact Now

  • Bamboo charcoal breath

    Bamboo charcoal breath 【竹炭森呼吸】 Product introduction: Add “nano-scale diatom mud factor” and “ex- aldehyde technology” to effectively adsorb and purify formaContact Now

  • Pure taste

    Pure taste [Clean taste fresh home] Product introduction: This product is a new product that combines environmental protection and performance tContact Now

  • Interior wall latex paint

    Interior wall latex paint Interior wall latex paint refers to the paint applied to the inner wall. The interior wall paint commonly used for decoContact Now