• Super weathering and anti-fouling

    Super weathering and anti-fouling 【Super weathering and anti-fouling】 Product introduction: This product is water-based acrylic exterior wall coating, its performance Contact Now

  • Beautiful new generation

    Beautiful new generation 【Beauty New Generation】 Product introduction: This product is made of high-tech special elastic self-crosslinking, core-shell structuContact Now

  • Flexible full effect

    Flexible full effect 【Elasticity】 Product introduction: The product is made of pre-polymerized grafted silicone-acrylic emulsion with rutile titanium dioxContact Now

  • Liquid granite

    Liquid granite The liquid granite coating system consists of a flexible elastic combination of a flexible anti-cracking putty, a water-based epoxy iContact Now

  • Exterior latex paint

    Exterior latex paint The main function of the exterior latex paint is to decorate and protect the building surface, to make the building look neat and beaContact Now