Artistic paint

Artistic paint

Product Details

Chongqing Art Paint is an environmentally friendly water-based paint with plasticity. Unlike traditional water-based paints and latex paints, art paints can achieve different decorative effects through different construction techniques. Since water is used as a solvent, Tylenol does not contain formaldehyde, and the VOC content is very low, followed by absorption and purification of harmful substances in the room. In addition to environmental protection, popular art paints are decorative. Its decorative effect is equivalent to wallpaper, and its personalization is better than wallpaper due to its customizable features.

Chongqing Art Paint can blend colors and textures to create a visually stunning theme wall. Whether used as a TV background wall, porch or other theme wall, it can bring a very intense decorative effect to the living room, or show antique or style. The rationality of the art paint is superior: long service life, good durability of the substrate, high-quality alkali-resistant mildewproof material, preventing the precipitation of alkaline substances on the substrate, causing the film to fall off or the efflorescence, and the product structure is seamlessly connected. The physical and chemical properties of the wallpaper are not easily peeled off, peeled off and cracked, and cannot be achieved with substitutes. The dirt on the surface is easy to clean. It keeps the walls perfectly clean, durable and beautiful at all times. Art paints have a service life of 15 years or more.

Art paint belongs to custom pure handicraft wall materials. Art paint construction has high requirements for technical and quality assurance, which is done by technicians through professional training and actual combat. The pre-construction product model is a non-universal standardized product developed by service personnel, technicians, and designers. During the construction process, technicians, technicians and construction management personnel work together to complete the construction tasks. In addition to the functions of traditional wall coatings, artistic coatings also have a variety of decorative expressions such as complex colors, textures and textures that are difficult to achieve with traditional wall coatings. It can achieve a variety of color and texture changes, giving us unlimited visual enjoyment.