Interior wall coating

Interior wall coating

Product Details

Chongqing interior wall paint generally refers to the latex paint we usually use. Although latex paint is very common, there are many kinds of paints. The paints of different materials are different in the decoration. In the paint, the latex paint is common, but it has the technology. . Development, interior wall coating is not only a latex paint, such as dry paint, new imitation enamel, artistic paint, texture paint and so on.

The main function of Chongqing interior wall paint is to decorate and protect the interior walls, making them beautiful and tidy, so that human beings live in a better living environment. Interior wall paint is a latex paint for general decoration. Latex paint is a latex paint. According to the classification of the substrate, it is divided into two categories: polyvinyl acetate emulsion and acrylate emulsion. Water is a thinner for latex paint. It is a coating that is convenient, safe, washable and breathable. It mixes different colors with different color matching schemes. Waterborne interior paints, oily interior paints and dry powder interior paints. According to the state classification, interior wall coatings include liquid coatings and powder coatings, and ordinary latex paints and wall coatings are liquid coatings. The interior wall powder coating adopts advanced and novel powder dispersing equipment and technology to solve various liquid chemical additives added in the traditional coating production process.

【Moldproof and antibacterial】

Product introduction: It adopts active oxygen anti-mildew antibacterial technology, adds imported high-quality active oxygen anti-mildew antibacterial raw material, 360° indoor indoor harmful bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae and other common bacteria), With an antibacterial rate of over 98%, it is one of the environmentally friendly coating products on the market that can be long-term and high-efficiency on the market, both antibacterial and inhibiting bacterial growth.

Product features: Upgrade antibacterial formula, effectively kill all kinds of harmful bacteria, super anti-pollution and stain removal, over 50,000 times scrubbing double anti-mildew, resist all kinds of mold erosion; excellent breathability, moisture and alkali resistance, white film, Feel smooth and delicate.

Scope of application: It is widely used in homes, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, hotels, restaurants, and food manufacturing, brewing, pharmaceutical industries, etc.