Texture coating

Texture coating

Product Details

Chongqing Texture Coating is a new type of wall coating with excellent performance, which brings rare market opportunities and broad development space for the decoration market. Fashion products, perfect reproduction of modern living atmosphere; professional manufacturing, fully in line with the user's random life creativity; user's imagination can be arbitrary; user's design can be natural and harmonious; completely in accordance with the user's meaning to show a perfect unified life and art. With its infinite three-dimensional texture and multiple choices of individuality, the texture painting presents a unique spatial perspective, rich and vivid, fresh. This new art paint (premium paint) brings the smooth era of wall paint into a new era of natural environmentally-friendly embossing. It can replace wallpaper, which is more environmentally friendly, economical and personalized. The effect of textured paint on the walls is lifelike. Through different construction techniques, processes and technologies, we create endless special decorative effects. This is a new type of decorative material, textured paint, which is very popular on the market.

In the decorative design, Chongqing texture paint has elegant effects on the main landscape: porch, porch, TV background wall, corridor, bar, ceiling, etc. The price is moderate, fully meeting the needs of decoration and decoration at all levels. Hotels, hotels, clubs, clubs, dance halls, night clubs, resorts and luxury villas, apartments and residential interior wall coverings are available. Today, more and more consumers choose to decorate walls with artistic texture. The key reason is that people gradually abandoned the impetuous mentality of hard-filled decorative materials and over-expression of wealth. They have advocated the natural and simple style, paying attention to the cultural connotation of decoration, hoping to further obtain deeper decoration. Secondly, emotional care, home decoration should pay attention to the style elements of interior decoration. It conforms to the characteristics of the times, and at the same time reflects the unique personality characteristics, showing the artistic style and elegant charm.