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[The art paint industry prospects]:

Coatings are important functional materials in the national economy. According to the World Association of Paints and Coatings Industry (WPCIA), in recent years, the annual compound growth rate of world coatings output has remained above 5%, while the process of industrialization and urbanization in China is coatings. The rapid development of the industry provides an opportunity for the technology level of the coatings industry to improve rapidly, the variety of coatings is becoming more and more abundant, and the production and sales of coatings have also been greatly improved. The market capacity is promising, and the strong downstream demand will maintain the growth of the coatings industry. In the current situation, the coatings industry is also developing in the three major directions of environmental protection, economy and high performance. After more than ten years of development, Tilun Coatings has a complete production and sales construction system, while paying attention to brand management. At the same time of producing and selling products, quality and service are both at the same time, insisting on providing users with environmentally friendly, healthy and beautiful decorative environment.

[Joining Tylen Paint Reasons]

1. After more than ten years of development, the company has been in the industry for many years, and the complete operating system makes franchisees feel safer and more reliable.

2. Since the establishment of the company, Tirren Art Paint has successfully developed thousands of dealers across the country, and has produced hundreds of successful entrepreneurs with more than one million yuan each year.

3. The company has a wide range of product lines. In addition to traditional wallpapers and latex paints, there are also a variety of art coatings for the high-end market. There are many types of products available, and products can be customized according to customer needs.

4. The production and sales integration of Tilun Company guarantees the quality of the products and the integration of after-sales, as well as a complete training system. At the same time, it also obtains a guarantee.

[Tilun Art Coatings Joining Process]

Step 1. Apply to join

Step 2. Negotiate communication

Step 3. Market research

Step 4. Sign up to join

Step 5. Storefront measurement

Step 6. Store design

Step 7. Store decoration

Step 8. Team training

Step 9. Store acceptance

Step 10. Shop preparation

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