• Marble paint

    Marble paint Marble-like paint is a decorative effect similar to marble and granite. It is mainly made of natural stone powder of vaContact Now

  • Textured paint

    Textured paint With its infinite three-dimensional texture and multiple choices of individuality, the grain paint exhibits a unique spatial perspectContact Now

  • Colored sand stone paint

    Colored sand stone paint Color sand real stone paint is made of high-grade water-based weathering emulsion, high-quality sand and high-grade imported additiveContact Now

  • Colorful paint

    Colorful paint Colorful paints are mainly used for stone-like paints, so they are also called liquid stone, also known as horizontal exterior wall pContact Now

  • Rock stone real stone paint

    Rock stone real stone paint Rock stone real stone paint, also known as granite paint and granite paint, is a new type of solvent-free pure water sand wall architContact Now